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For More information and help with your CrowdFunding Project:

You may be in any stages of CrowdFunding project such as;
  1. CrowdFunding ideation 
  2. Crowd building
  3. CrowdFunding pre campaign launch
  4. CrowdFundng project development
  5. CrowdFunding Campaign Page Development
  6. CrowdFunding Campaign (launched already)
  7. Post CrowdFunding campaign
CrowdFunding principle and its development, deployment and promotion are our main forte;
  1. Build environment and techniques to find followers
  2. Convert followers to  backer / investors
  3. Run constant analytic to find and build follower and backer communities
  4. Campaign marketing (you exist)
  5. Campaign promotion (Promote your campaign value)
We can assist you in all the above phases; 
  1. We are a team of Consultants and Doers in Marketing, PR, Video development,  web and campaign design that has raised over $900K+ through crowdfunding projects. 
  2. Based on the following, we select projects and offer our services;
    1. How much you need to raise ? ( your funding goal)
    2. When you want to launch your CrowdFunding project ? (your launch date
    3. What is the size of your social reach? You network? (Social presents
    4. What is your project vertical?
    5. Would you be part of project development and camping promotion? 
  3. Our compensation is  based on a hybrid model  or so called cost + (a success fee at the end of the campaign). 
  4. We need more info. about you. Please    click here and complete the form
  5. Please  click here  We need to review this before we meet 
  6. Our phone number: 949-442-6666 ( ask for CrowdFunding department)